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TitleDallas-Dyrham Park

-Jordan, William B. (1965) 'A Museum of Spanish Painting in Texas', Art JOurnal, Vol XXVII, 1965, pp288-296
-printed list of paintings in the collection of the Earl of Darnley at Cobham Hall, heavily annotated by Waterhouse, dated 1939 (4pp)
-list of paintings in the collection of the Earl of Darnley at Cobham Hall, dated 1955 (3pp)
-list of paintings in the Bromley Davenport collection at Capesthorne in 1905 (6pp)
-Chamot, M (1936) 'Panshanger, Hertfordshire II - a seat of Lord and Lady Desborough', Country Life, 18 Jan 1936, pp64-69
-exhibition catalogue: Thomas Agnew & Sons (1948) 'Exhibition of Pictures from the Devonshire Collection. In aid of the Friends of the FItzwilliam Museum, Cambridge' London: Thomas Agnew. Also includes the script of a radio broadcast produced by Basil Taylor and given by Waterhouse about the exhibition on 20 November 1948. Also includes covering letter from Grahame Miller, Talks Department at the British Broadcasting Corporation, 23 November 1948, concerning changes to the 'as broadcast' copy.
-exhibition catalogue: Arts Council (1955) 'Thirty-five paintings from the Devonshire Collection Chatsworth lent by the Trustees of the Chatsworth settlement'. Great Britain: Arts Council. Also includes typewritten copy of a speech presumably given by Waterhouse about the exhibition (12pp)
-exhibition catalogue: Graves Art Gallery Sheffield (1955) 'Pictures from Chatsworth' Great Britain, Graves Art Gallery Sheffield.
-three letters from Francis Thompson, Librarian and Keeper of Collections at Chatsworth, to Waterhouse, dated 7 and 10 October 1932 and 3 January 1951, concerning paintings in the Devonshire collection
-list of paintings in the collection of the Duke of Devonshire at 2 Carlton Gardens, dated 1933 (9pp)
-Brigstocke, Hugh (1973) 'James Dennistoun - as a Collector and Traveller', The Connoisseur, October 1973, pp90-97
-Brigstocke, Hugh (1973) 'James Dennistoun's Second European Tour, 1836-1839' The Connoisseur, December 1973, pp240-249
-Benedetti, Michele de (1929) 'The Gallery and Private COllection of Prince Doria in Rome, Part II', Apollo, Vol X, No.56, August 1929, pp69-77
-exhibition catalogue: National Portrait Gallery (1968) 'Treasures and Curiosities. Drummonds at Charing Cross 1717-1967', London: National Portrait Gallery
-sale catalogue: 'Pictures by Old Masters. The property of the Earl of Ducie and from the collection of the late Lady Horner and Oscar Franklin Oppenheimer' 17 June 1949, Christie's
-list of pictures at Dunmore Park in 1827 (2pp)
-list of pictures at Dyrham Park photographed by the COurtauld Institute, 1961
Extent1 file (5 journal articles; 6 lists; 4 exhibition catalogues; 1 transcript of a speech; 4 letters; 1 script of a radio broadcast; 1 sale catalogue)
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