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TitleNotes on Art Schools (1626-1780), Notebook I
DescriptionThe Notebook has two parts. The first, running from front to back and numbered by Benthall as pages 1-112, consists mainly of notes from various published texts. In particular: Whitley, W.T. (1928) Artists and their friends in England 1700-1799. New York; London: Benjamin Blom [a copy is available in the Paul Mellon Centre library, see URL below]. Benthall's notes and transcriptions appear on the right handside, his comments are given on the left.
The first page of this part of the notebook lists the following alternative subtitles:

-London Life Schools in the Making
-The Dawn of Art Schools in England
-The Awakening of Native Art in England
-The Rise of English Art Schools & their members
-Art Schools in England & their members
-The St Martin's Lane Academy, before & after

The second part of the notebook, running from back to front and numbered by Benthall as pages 1-18, is entitled: 'Print Book'. It appears to list the sale of prints & drawings by the following artists:

-George Morland
-J.H. Mortimer
-George Laviesse
-William Hogarth
-Salvator Rosa

Entries are apparently listed chronologically by date of sale (1912-1915) and include the following information: the title of each work; particulars (such as medium; print information etc.); vendor; date of sale; puchasher & price.

Also includes several loose inserts of rough notes.
Date[c 1950s]
Extent1 volume


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Image CaptionPage 45 from Benthall's 'Notes on Art Schools, 1626-1780', (Notebook I) showing his draft text for Chapter III
Page 4-5 from Benthall's 'Notes on Art Schools, 1626-1780', (Notebook I) recording the sale in London in 1913, of prints & drawings by John Henry Mortimer.
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