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TitleMinutes and papers of the Hunting Art Prizes Committee
DescriptionThe Hunting Group Art Prizes Committee was established in 1980 and its name remained the same until December 1990 when it became the Hunting/Observer Art Prizes Committee. After the 'The Observer' withdrew their sponsorship because of uncertainty caused by their take over by 'The Guardian', in September 1993, the committee again changed its name, this time to The Hunting Art Prizes Committee. This remained unchanged for the remainder of the duration of the prize.

The primary purpose of the committee was to make recommendations on how the Hunting Art Prizes were to be run. Subjects discussed at each meeting related to the organisation of the prize for that year.

Meetings of the Hunting Art Prizes Committee were held at least once each year; in some earlier years of the Prize's history, additional meetings of the Hunting Group Art Prizes Working Party were also held and this is indicated in the file level description, where relevant.

The committee members consisted primarily of the Chairman of the Hunting Group, Clive Hunting (1980-1992) and Richard Hunting (1992-2004), and other members of the company, including Christopher R. Simmonds who was responsible for Public Relations; from 1980 to 1986, representatives from the FBA who included C. de Winter, J. Deston and J. Sayers; from 1988, Sir Richard Trant of Hunting Engineering, became a permanent committee member; from 1990 to 1993, A. Billen, a representative from 'The Observer'; from 1991, Emma Parker and Penny Tranter of the Parker Harris Partnership who were responsible for the administration, submissions, judging and final organisation of the exhibitions; and from 1995 Anna Blundell-Williams who co-ordinated the HAP, is named in the minutes as a committee member.

Papers of the Committee generally include the Minutes and in some instances, the Agenda. Matters discussed included the Minutes of the previous meeting; an overview of planning the competition for the year (i.e. the reception, publicity, financial matters); judges and selection committee; any other business; and the date of the next meeting.

There are no minutes for meetings held after June 2004.
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