Ref NoJSI/1/3
TitleIndividual catalogue entries: Portraits, nos. 61-90
DescriptionIncludes annotated photographs and reproductions of Mercier paintings relating to the following catalogue entries:

-Ingram, Henry and his wife (no. 61)
-Jenkinson, Lady (no. 62)
-Lefanu, Henriette (no. 63)
-Lefanu, William (no. 63a)
-Legard, Dorothy (no. 64)
-Ligonier, John (no. 65)
-Lowther, Martha (no. 65a)
-Lowther, Sir William and his wife (no. 65b)
-Lowther, Sir William as a boy (no. 65c)
-Lowther, Henry (no. 65d)
-Lowther, Mrs Frances, nee Baynes (no. 65e)
-Mercier, Philip (engraved after by J. Faber) (no. 68)
-Murray, Lady Charlotte (no. 69)
-Neale, John (no. 70)
-Neale, Mrs Frances (no. 71)
-Pack, Major (no. 73)
-Phillips, John (no. 75, 76)
-Rattray, Jean (no. 76b)
-Samwell, Sir Thomas, 2nd Baron of Upton, (no. 79)
-Samwell, Sir Thomas, 2nd Baron of Upton and his children (no. 80)
-Samwell, Sir Thomas, 2nd Baron of Upton and his friends, so called Bacchanalian Piece (no. 81)
-Samwell, Sir Thomas, 2nd Baron of Upton with John Neale of Allesey (no. 82)
-Samwell, Lady (no. 83)
-Samwell, Sir Thomas, 3rd Baron of Upton (no. 84)
-Schutz, Augustus with his wife and friends, also known as An Assembly on the Terrace (no. 85)
-Trimleston, Bamewall (no. 87a)
-Thomson, Richard (no. 87b)
-Trist, Agnes Hore: John Ingamells' sketch (no. 88) [see image below]
-Udney, Colonel of Udney (no. 89)
-Wemyss, the Hon. James (no. 90)

Those with an alphanumeric figure relate to additional catalogue entries compiled by John Ingamells post publication & transcribed into a copy of the published text (see file JSI/1/20)
Date[c 1960-1978]
Extent1 file


Image CaptionSketch, by Ingamells, of Mercier's portrait of Agnes Trist (no.88), c1960-1978.
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