Ref NoJSI/2/1
TitleIndividual catalogue entries: nos. 4-39
DescriptionIncludes annotated photographs and reproductions of Soldi paintings relating to the following catalogue entries:

-Beaufort, 3rd Duke of (no. 4, 5 and 6). Also includes letter of 15 Jan 1979 from Duke of Beaufort related to the plates 4-7)
-Beaufort, 4th Duke of with family (no. 8)
-Belasyse, Henry (no. 9)
-Bendyshe, Richard (no. 9a)
-Cerjat, Maximilen de (no. 10). Also includes notes related to the plate.
-A Naval officer, probably the Hon. Thomas Craven, (no. 10a). Also includes letter of 7 Sep 1978 related to the plate 10a.
-Baron Craven (no. 10b)
-Curzon, Lady with her two sons (no. 12)
-Defesch, William (no. 14)
-Digby, Lucy (no. 15a)
-Doddridge, Philip (no. 16)
-Drummond, Archbishop of York (no. 16a)
-Duncombe, Thomas with his family (no. 18)
-Fauconberg, 4th Viscount (no. 19, 20, 21 and 23)
-Fauconberg, Countess (no. 24 and 25)
-Gibbs, James (no. 28). Also includes correspondence with Temple Newsham House related to the plate (Nov 1971-Jan 1972).
-Gott, Henry Thomas (no. 32). Also includes correspondence related to the plate (1971-1978).
-Graham, Catherine (no. 33)
-Grening, John (no. 35). Also includes correspondence with the Royal Archives related to the plate (Aug 1978).
-Harborough, Philip Sherard (no. 35a). Also includes notes related to the plate.
-A Lady, possibly Countess of Harborough (no. 35b)
-Head, Sir Francis (no. 36)
-Holdernesse, 4th Earl of (no. 37)
-Huntingdon, 10th Earl of (pl.37 aa)
-Hunter, Henry Lannoy in oriental dress (no. 37aaa)
-Manchester, 2nd Duke of (no. 38)
-Isabella, Duches of Manchester (no. 39)

Those with an alphanumeric figure relate to additional catalogue entries compiled by John Ingamells post publication & transcribed into a copy of the published text (see file JSI/2/4)
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