Ref NoJTH/5/6
TitleGainsborough, Thomas, 1727-1788; Portraits, London

-image of label on reverse of painting of Lady Kinnoull, Sarah Countess of Kinnoull
-sale catalogue of Sotheby Parke Bernet Monaco S.A. Tableaux Anciens et du Debut du XIXe Siecle, Dimanche 26 Juin 1983 a 11h
-letter from David Moore-Gwyn, Sotheby & Co., dated 19 May 1983, concerning a portrait of Mrs Gainsborough and 5 pages of related photocopy material
-summary description of The Goddard Children
-letter from James Miller, Sotheby's, dated 4 October 1989, concerning a portrait of Francois Hypolyte Barthelemon
-letter from David Moore-Gwyn, Sotheby & Co., dated 13 August 1984, concerning a painting of Squire Denison
-letter from Lynn E. Springer, The St. Louis Art Museum, dated 6 June 1977, concerning an unidentified portrait of a man in the collection of the Chatillon-DeMenil House Foundation, St. Louis, Missouri
-Morgan, E.J.R. (October, 1964) 'The Gift of Gladys Penfold Hyland', Bulletin of the National Gallery of South Australia, Volume 26 (No. 2, Serial No. 98)
-2 x images of labels on reverse of an unidentified painting
-summary description from Leggatt Brothers of portrait of Dr Richard Warren
-2 research notes concerning Colonel Whigan
Extent2 files (134 images; 2 photographs of versos of paintings; 1 sale catalogue; 4 letters; 1 journal article; 2 summary descriptions; 2 research notes)
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