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TitleDyck, Anthony van, 1599-1641: 'Related to Flemish periods'

-letter from Frederick C. Bond III, Easton, Pennsylvania, USA, dated 13 May 1996, concerning a copy of the painting: Mystic Marriage of St Catherine by Anthony Van Dyck
-letter [in Dutch] to J.G.N. Mol, Stadhouderskade, Amsterdam, Netherlands, from Leo van Puyvelde, Brussels, Belgium, dated 7 December 1953 [photocopy]
-extract: Bulletin published by the City Art Museum of St Louis, Missouri, USA, Vol. 11, No. 3, July 1926, pp34-47
-letter from Jan Michielsen, Antwerp, Belgium, dated 14 June 1994, concerning the painting: The Mystic Marriage of St Catharine by Sir A. Van Dyck
-letter from Guglielmo Orlandi, Architect, dated 27 September 1993, concerning a version of the painting: Rinaldo and Armida by Van Dyck
-letter from Richard Charlton-Jones, Sotheby's, dated 31 January 1991, concerning a painting of St Peter attributed to Van Dyck
-letter from Joseph Guttmann, Los Angeles, California, USA, dated 26 May 1994, concerning a picture purported to be by Van Dyck
-letter from Professor Norman R. Weiss, New York City, New York, USA, dated 9 August 1993, concerning a portrait purported to be of Francisco, Marques de Mirabel
-letter from Etienne Breton, Sotheby's Paris, dated 6 June 1988, concerning a probable modelo for the large portrait of an unknown man, at the Alte Pinakoteck, Munich, Germany
-letter from Mauro Herlitzka, Buenos Aires, Argentina, dated 13 July 1988, concerning a picture previously attributed to Anthony Van Dyck
-journal article [in French]: Czobor, Agnes (1964), La Sainte Trinite un Tableau de Pietro Novelli il Monrealese au Musee des Beaux-Arts, Bulletin du Musee Hongroi du Beaux-Arts, No. 24, Budapest, Hungary, 1964, pp85-93
-letter from Deborah Ahearn, Christie's, dated 12 September 1988, concerning the painting: Portrait of the artist Jan Snellix attributed to Sir Anthony Van Dyck
-letter from Katharine Baetjer, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, USA, dated 9 December 1998, concerning a painting attributed to Van Dyck and Dobson previously on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the Christian Humann Foundation
-letter from David Moore-Gwyn, Sotheby's, dated 4 October 1999, concerning two paintings purported to be Van Dyck
-letter from Clovis Whitfield, Whitfield Fine Art Limited, London, dated 1 September 1999, concerning an oil sketch at Dendermonde, Belgium: Adoration of the Shepherds; and paintings by Lucas Franchoys and Lorenzo Lippi
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Image CaptionLetter from Richard Charlton-Jones, Sotheby's, dated 31 January 1991, concerning a painting of St Peter attributed to Van Dyck
b/w print of St Peter attributed to Van Dyck
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