Ref NoONM/2/114
TitleDyck, Anthony van, 1599-1641: 'Self portraits and Lady Van Dyck (London)'

-letter from Charles Young, Alan Jacobs Gallery, London, dated 6 October 1986, concerning a painting of Van Dyck with a Sunflower
-letter from Horst Vey, dated 22 October 1997, concerning a self-portrait to be discussed in the Van Dyck catalogue (2004)
-note on self-portraits, English period
-two letters from Michael Burrell, London, dated March 1997, concerning the painting: A Portrait of Sir Anthony Van Dyck by the Studio of Sir Anthony Van Dyck at Rafael Valls Gallery
-letter from Roy Davids, London, dated 23 January 2000, concerning a copy of the self-portrait of Van Dyck
-letter from Margie Christian, Christie's, dated 21 September 1994, concerning a portrait purported to be after Van Dyck
-letter [in French] from Jean-Charles Fornerod, Geneva, Switzerland, dated 4 April 1989, concerning a portrait
-letter from Johnny Cosham, Hagley Hall, Worcestershire, dated 16 July 1999, concerning a portrait with enclosed documents
-two letters from Christian Klemm, Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland, dated March-April 1996, concerning a self-portrait formerly with David M. Koetser in Switzerland
-letter from Graeme Cameron, Templestowe, Victoria, Australia, dated 7 April 2001, concerning a Van Dyck self portrait with a draft copy of Millar's reply and enclosed documents
Extent1 file (74 images; 12 letters; 1 note)


Image CaptionNote on self-portraits, English period
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