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TitleDyck, Anthony van, 1599-1641: 'Strafford'

-offprint: Millar, Oliver (1986), Strafford and Van Dyck in For Veronica Wedgwood these: studies in seventeenth century history, Richard Ollard and Pamela Tudor-Craig (ed.), Collins, London, 1986
-letter from Griffith Philipps, Cwmgwili, Carmarthen, Wales, dated 21 March 2001, concerning a picture of Thomas Strafford
-summary description of the following painting: Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Studio or After
-document: notes on extracts from the catalogue of Oulton Park, Cheshire, compiled by Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton, 18 May 1865 [photocopy]
-two letters [in German] to Dr Horst Vey from Dr Ferdinand Neundlinger, Vienna, Austria, dated October-December 2001
-letter from Sarah Cove, Accredited Conservator of Paintings, London, dated 2 November 1999, concerning a portrait of the Earl of Strafford
-letter from David-Moore-Gwyn, Sotheby's, dated 9 June 2000, concerning a little portrait of Strafford on paper at Rockingham Castle, Northamptonshire
-note from Sarah Cove, Accredited Conservator of Paintings, London, nd, concerning a portrait of the Earl of Strafford
-letter from Patrick Corbett, London, dated 19 April 1993, concerning a portrait of Thomas Wentworth and Sir Philip Mainwaring
-letter from Michael Shortall of Ballylorcan, Longford House, Sherborne, Dorset, dated 10 August 2002, concerning a double Portrait of the Earl of Strafford and Sir Philip Mainwaring, Secretary of State for Ireland
-letter from Margie Christian, Christie's, dated 29 October 1991, concerning two heads, oil on paper
-three letters from Nils Ohrt, Director, Nivaagaards Malerisamling, Niva, Denmark, dated 28 October 2002; 16 July 2003 and 14 August 2003, concerning a copy of the painting: Double Portrait of Georges d'Armagnac, Bishop of Rodez, French ambassador to Venice, and his secretary Guillaume Philandrier by Titian
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