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Title'Minor Flemish XVIIth century'

-letter from Katie (?), Elgin Crescent, London, dated 30 May 1993, concerning various themes
-journal: Duits Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 1963
-journal article [in Dutch]: Staring, A. (1946), Weinig bekende portrettisten, Oud-Holland, Vol. 61, 1946, pp113-122
-journal article [in Dutch]: Staring, A. (1946), Het hoofdwerk en een zelfportret van Martinus lengele, Oud-Holland, Vol. 61, 1946, pp244-246
-letter from Henry Wyndham, Christie's, dated 4 January 1984, concerning several photographs
-letter from Alexandr Vosatka, Charles Gallery, Czechoslovakia, dated 30 August 1978, concerning the painting: The Circumcision of Moses Sons
-letter from John Somerville, Sotheby's, dated 31 March 1989, concerning a painting at Newburgh Priory, North Yorkshire
-letter from Paul Raison, Christie's, dated 9 February 1989, concerning a copper panel by Gonzales Coques
-letter from Klara Garas to Marcello Violante, Chaucer Fine Arts, London, dated 9 April 1992 concerning Antwerp Cabinet [photocopy]
-letter from Marcello Violante, Chaucer Fine Arts, London, dated 7 May 1992, concerning Antwerp Cabinet, No. 1
-letter from Ronald Cohen, Trafalgar Galleries, London, dated 26 March 1992, concerning the painting: Portrait of a Cleric
-letter from Marcello Violante, Chaucer Fine Arts, London, dated 6 May 1992, concerning Antwerp Cabinet, No. 1
-letter from Rene Millet, Paris, dated 25 January 1996, concerning the painting of a Prince of Arenberg attributed to Van Dyck
-two letters from Jorgen Wadum, Chief Conservator, to Marcello Violante, Chaucer Fine Arts, London, dated December 1991-January 1992, concerning the Antwerp coat of arms [photocopies]
-letter from Gregory Rubinstein, Sotheby's, dated 12 June 1992, concerning a drawing purported to be close to Van Dyck
-letter from Raouf F. Tagher, Paris, France, dated 27 February 1995, concerning a portrait attributed to Van Dyck
-letter [in Italian] from Ezio Rizzo, Rotary International, Genoa, Italy, dated 23 October 1997
-letter from Ann Friedman, Curator of Collections, Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester, Michigan, dated 11 August 1999, concerning a painting of two King Charles Spaniels by Anthony Van Dyck
-letter from Elizabeth E. Barker, Assistant Curator, Drawings and Prints, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, USA, dated 28 November 2001, concerning the drawing: Acolyte Bearing a Staff, attributed to Van Dyck
-letter from Mark MacDonnell, Head of Department, Phillips, dated 19 April 2001, concerning the painting: The Head of St John attributed to Van Dyck
-letter from Guy Ladriere, Charles Ratton and Guy Ladriere, Paris, France, dated 18 May (?), concerning the painting: Penitent Magdeleine purported to be by Rubens or Van Dyck
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