Ref NoONM/6/5/3
TitleAdditional correspondence
DescriptionOliver Millar kept this material in a file titled 'Miscellaneous letters, to be checked form time to time'. It contains correspondence and some notes on references.

-letter from Pieter van der Merwe, General Editor, National Maritime Museum, London, dated 8 November 1995, concerning records on paintings in the collection
-postcard from David Natzler, London, 13 February (?), concerning an article on The Life of Sir Anthony Van Dyck
-letter from Mary (?), Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, dated 29 November (?), concerning Van Dyck
-postcard from J.K., The National Portrait Gallery, London, dated 1 March 1956, concerning a version of Madonna and Child by Van Dyck in a furniture sale at Bath House, Piccadilly
-letter from Julius S. Held, Old Bennington, Vermont, USA, dated 17 November 1975, concerning a drawing possibly related to the Knights of the Garter
-letter from Colin (?), National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, dated 24 April (?), concerning the possibility of a portrait of George Gage by Van Dyck
-letter from Hamish Miles, Director, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, dated 23 February 1982, concerning a watercolour landscape purported to be by Van Dyck and its possible relation to a painting of Charles I at the Louvre, Paris
-letter from John Guinness, Hampshire, nd, concerning a portrait of Queen Charlotte; Queen Anne by Kneller; and Charles I in Three Positions
-letter from Patrick Savage, Oxford, dated 20 February 1983, concerning the double portrait of Dorothy, Viscountess Andover and later Countess of Berkshire, with her sister, Elizabeth, Lady Thimbleby
-letter from Ludwig Burchard, London, dated 13 July 1956, concerning photography with a copy of Millar's reply
-letter from Atilli Carpi Doyle, Dulwich, dated 5 January 1952, concerning photography
-letter from John E. Parkerson, Parkerson Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA, dated 28 January 1982, concerning a painting of Sir Francis Crane attributed to Van Dyck with enclosed documents
-letter from Rosemary MacLean, Curatorial Research Assistant, The National Gallery, London, dated 18 December 1992, concerning Flemish paintings acquired by the National Gallery since 1970
-letter from J.H. Whitfield, Birmingham, dated 26 November 1982, concerning catalogue entries to the exhibition catalogue for the Van Dyck in England exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London, 1982
-letter from Gudrun Raatschen, Bonn, Germany, dated 9 August 1996, concerning Charles I at the Hunt
-letter from Gudrun Raatschen, Bonn, Germany, dated 13 August 1991, concerning Van Dyck's visits to England; and paintings of Charles I
Extent1 file (14 letters; 2 postcards)
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