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TitleMaterial from Van Dyck events
DescriptionConference packs for events on Van Dyck and related exhibition leaflets

Anthony Van Dyck, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA, 10 November 1990:
-four letters from Gail Feigenbaum, Curator of Academic Programs, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA, dated August-October 1990, concerning arrangements and tentative program
-programme for proseminar, 10 November 1990, with annotations
-participants list for proseminar
-discussion leaders for proseminar
-draft speech notes for proseminar
-invite for Heavenly Visions and Earthly Delights: Flemish painting in the age of Rubens and Van Dyck lecture series, 13 November-4 December 1990
-poster for Anthony Van Dyck: a public symposium, 17 November 1990
-program leaflet for Van Dyck 350: a symposium, 8-9 February 1991
-exhibition leaflet for Anthony Van Dyck, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA, 11 November 1990-24 February 1991

Van Dyck, 1599-1999, Colloqium, Auditorium Helene Fourment, Antwerp, Belgium, 17-19 May 1999:
-notes to cover with programme schedule
-abstracts with annotations
-participants list
-typescript speech for The Years in London: Problems and Reassessments

The Court Painter in Early XVIIth Century Europe: Van Dyck and his Contemporaries, The National Gallery, London, 26-27 November 1999:
-programme leaflet

Dutch Artists in Britain, 1550-1750, Leiden University, Faculty of Arts, Netherlands, 25-27 January 2001:
-letter [in German] from Helmut Selzer, Historisches Museum, Vienna, Austria, dated 26 April 2002
-speech notes for Jan Wyck and the Battle and the Chase in late Stuart England
-instructions to contributors to Oud Holland with annotations
-promotional poster and leaflet
-programme with annotations
-participants list
-abstracts with annotations
-summary reports of paintings by Dirck Stoop at National Maritime Museum
-notes on various references

Exhibition leaflets:
-Van Dyck at the Wallace Collection, London, 23 September-15 Decemer 1999
-Van Dyck: 1599-1641, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 11 Septemer-10 December 1999
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