Ref NoPMC35
TitleUnsuccessful Publications Files
DescriptionPublishing academic titles concerned with British Art has always been one of the Centre's (and before that, the Foundation's) primary activities. As such, it receives many approaches from authors and publishers regarding potential manuscripts. During the years of the Foundation, it also conceived of and initiated its own publishing projects - most notably the proposal for a comprehensive Dictionary of British Painters.

Not all approaches or projects have resulted in a publication. These 'unsuccessful' publications fall into one of the following three categories (the resulting records have been managed accordingly):

-The approach is dismissed outright, usually because the proposal falls outside the Centre's publishing remit (in this instance, records are destroyed after +6 years)
-The manuscript is considered by the Publications Committee but declined because it presents an unsuitable project (in this instance relevant records are part of the Publications Committee paperwork. Where correspondence with the author has been more extensive, a separate 'unsuccessful' file may have been kept).
-The manuscript is approved by the Publications Committee and work begins, but falters at a later stage (in this instance records are retained in a case file pertaining to the particular publication).
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