Ref NoPRJ/1
TitleImage files on buildings by G.E. Street
DescriptionContains photographic prints, mostly b&w, of interiors and exteriors of buildings by G.E. Street. Arranged alphabetically by location, as filed by Joyce. The number of images per building is recorded in brackets. As well as photographs the images include pages of etchings and drawings extracted from Victorian publications such as The Builder and Building News.

It is likely many of the photos were taken by Joyce and the photographer Gordon Lansdown Barnes (c 1917-1985), between 1963 and 1972 [see PRJ/8/3, Summary of Gordon Barnes's photography notebook]. Some prints were obtained from the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) and commercial photographers. Some prints are older, c 1840s showing the buildings in their original state, up to c 1950s.

Joyce kept them in alphabetical sequence but did not consistently label the prints. Prior to and during the cataloguing process at the Paul Mellon Centre, much detective work was done by Geoff Brandwood to help identify buildings using the index cards detailing works by G.E. Street [PRJ/6/2] to identify their place in the alphabetical sequence.

Further photographs of buildings by G.E. Street, some duplicate to images here, are mounted to paper in the cuttings folders [see PRJ/3]. Joyce obtained a run of Victorian journal publications including The Builder, The Building News, The Architect, Illustrated London News and The Ecclesiologist. He scoured them for references to buildings by G.E. Street. Etchings and drawings of buildings were kept in these files, and many textual articles were compiled in to the cuttings folders [PRJ/3].

Joyce kept a similar sequence of image files, though less extensive, on buildings by other Victorian architects [see PRJ/7].
Date[c 1840s-c 2000s]
Extent35 files
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