Ref NoRBF/1/590
DescriptionIncludes research material concerning the following travellers:

-Grosvenor, Richard
-Grosvenor, Richard Grosvenor
-Grosvenor, Sir Thomas
-Groves, John Thomas
-Groves, Mr
-Grundy, Mr
-Guadare, English nobleman
-Guidet, Balthazar
-Guernsey, Lord Henry Finch [Earl of Aylesford]
-Guise, William
-Guise, general
-Guitton, Andrew
-Gumley, Captain
-Gunn, William
-Gunn, Mr
-Gunning, Rev William
-Gunning, General
-Gunther, Philip
-Gurdon, Theo Thomas
-Gurnell, Edward
-Guthrie, Patrick
-Guthrie, Mr
-Gyles, John
-Guy, Henry
Extent1 file
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