Ref NoRBF/1/663
DescriptionIncludes research material concerning the following travellers:

-O'Brien, Terence
-O'Brien, Mr
-O'Brien, Thomas
-O'Brien, Sir John
-O'Connor, Mrs
-O'Connor, John
-O'Donnell, Mr
-O'Donnell, John
-Offlay, John
-Offley, Crewe
-Offrage, Mrs
-O'Farrell, Mr
-Ogle, Mr
-Ogiloy, Mr
-Ogilvy, Thomas
-Ogilvie, Charles
-Oglethorpe, Theophilus
-O'Grady Mr and Mrs
-O'Hara, Charles
-O'Hara, General
-O'Hara, Mr
-O'Kelly, Giacomo
-Older, Mr
-Olan, Mr
-Oliphant, Lawrence and Margaret
-Oliver, Mr
-Oliver, William
-Olmius, John
-Olmius, Mr
-Oncenson, D
-Onslow, Mr
-O'Raredon, Patrick
-O'Reilly, Mr and Mrs
-Orlandini, Madame
-Ormond, Duke of
Extent1 file
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