Ref NoRBF/1/678
DescriptionIncludes research material concerning the following travellers:

-Phipps, Constantine John
-Phipps, Mr
-Philbyn, Capt. William
-Phillips, James
-Phillips, Ambrose
-Philips, William
-Philips, Sir Richard
-Piaget, Captain
-Picet, Lord
-Picinini, Anthony
-Pickering, Henry
-Pickersgill, Mr
-Pickersgill, Joshua (includes photocopies of Pickersgill's letters to his sister Sally, held at the Buckinghamshire Records Office)
-Pitcon [Pictton], Charles
-Pidow, Mr
-Pierrepoint, Evelyn
-Pierrepoint, Charles
-Piers, Mr
-Pigot, Mr
-Pigot, George
-Piggott, Sir Robert
-Piccod [Pigot], Mr
-Pinchbeck, Mr
-Pinchbeck, Christopher
-Pillcington, Sir William
-Pilkington, Sir Lionel
-Pill, Mr
-Pinches [Pinoch/Pinoche/Pinsche/Pincher/Pincard], Richard
-Pinfold, Mr
-Pincard [Pinkard], Mr and Mrs
-Pinnock, Mr
-Pinnock, James
-Pinnoch, Mr, Mrs and 3 Misses, of Jamaica
-Piozzi, Hester Lynch Thrale
Extent1 file



Image CaptionTranscript of an extract from Hester Piozzi's journal compiled by Brinsley Ford's research assistant, c1950s-1990s (2pp).
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