Ref NoRBF/3/10
DescriptionIncludes research material concerning the following travellers:

-Hiccocks, Mr
-Hicks, Mr
-Higging, Mr
-Hifflunior, Richard
-Hill, Capt William
-Hillman, Tristan
-Himbert, Lord and Lady
-Hind, John
-Hirchstaad, Mr
-Hitches, Mr
-Hazgster, Mr
-Hlutiuns, Mr
-Hoadley, Dr Benjamin
-Hoar, Mr
-Hoare, Mrs and Miss
-Hochbery, Baron
-Hod, James
-Hoffstetter, Charles
-Hog, James
-Hokry, James
-Holingwarth, Philip
-Holmes, Capt George
-Homen, William
-Hominstein, Baron
-Honchele, Mr
-Hooke, J.R.
-Hope, Lady Harriet
-Hors, Lord
-Horton, Mr
-Houlditch, Richard
-Howard (Howart), Lord Richard
-Huber, William
-Hughes, Robert
-Hull, Thomas
-Hume, Alexander and Hugh
-Hume, John
-Hunt, William
-Huntingdon, Manning
-Huntingdon, Robert
-Huntingfield, Lord
-Hurd, Dr
-Hutchinson, Mr
-Hutton, James
-Illican, Mrs
-Inghilby, Charles
-Instany, Richard
-Ionerlerzh, Mr
-Ireton, Mr
-Irvine, Charles
-Istelet, milord
-Italy, colonel
-Ivonghlon (Ivonglon), Ann
Extent1 file
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