Ref NoRBF/3/18
DescriptionIncludes research material concerning the following travellers:

-Smith, Adam
-Smith, Capt Edmond
-Smith, John Lewin
-Smith, Joseph
-Smith, Mathew
-Smith, Peter
-Smith, Ralph
-Smith, brothers of Chichester
-Smith, Thomas
-Smith, William
-Smith, M.
-Smith, Mr
-Smith, clergyman
-Soane, Henry
-Sommers, Lord John
-Somin, James
-Southesk, Lord
-Southgate, Rev. Richard
-Spalding, John
-Specialle, Michael Angelo
-Speed, Henrietta Joanna
-Spencer, John
-Stan, Mr
-Stanhope, Philip Dormer, Lord
-Stanley, Carl Frederick
-Stanley, Baron
-Stanley, Mr
-Stapolquer, Mr
-Steen, Mr
-Sterny, Mr
-Stewart, William
-Stockford, Rev
-Stroliford, Daniel
-Stuart, Lord Dudley
-Stuart, James
-Stuart, Sir Simeon
-Stuart, Alexander
-Stuart, James
-Stubbs, Mr
-Stumenseles, Mr
-Sturler, Major
-Sturpson, Mr
-Sturt, Mr
-Suber, Richard
-Sudito, Charles Thomas
-Sueur, Mr
-Suffonj, Miss
-Sunderland, Thomas
-Suuber, Mr
-Sutherland, Mr
-Sware, Mr
-Symons, James
-Symons, Sir Richard
-Synnot, Jane
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