Ref NoWGC/1/3/30
TitleSales: A-F
DescriptionIncludes correspondence and notes concerning, as well as transcripts of catalogues related to, the sale of property (mostly Wilson paintings) belonging to the following individuals:

-Anderdon (sale in 1879)
-Andrews (sale in 1888)
-Angerstein (sales in 1874 & 1883) [see images below]
-Anon (Prince of Wales?) (sale in 1814)
-Anon (sales in 1831 & 1895)
-Archbutt (sale in 1833)
-Baring (sale in 1848)
-Bell (sale in 1886)
-Bentick (sale in 1891)
-Bentley (sale in 1834)
-Bicknell (sale in 1837)
-Blakeslee (sale in 1915)
-Boyd (sale in 1800)
-Bridgewater (sale in 1778)
-Bryan (sale in 1798)
-Clarke (sale in 1933)
-Codrington (sale in 1843)
-Colebrooke (sale in 1769)
-Constable (sale in 1838)
-Coutts (sale in 1922)
-Cowden (sale in 1934)
-Crosse (sale in 1921)
-Deime (sale in 1790)
-Disney (sales in 1841 and 1950)
-Downey (sale in 1946)
-Ellis (sale in 1876)
-Emmerson (sale in 1834)
-Exeter Hall (sale in 1834)
-Fitzwilliam (sale in 1848)
-Freshfield (sale in 1934)
Date[c 1940s-1950s]
Extent1 file



Image CaptionTranscript of a catalogue concerning the sale of property belonging to William Angerstein on 20 June 1874, nd. (2pp)
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