Ref NoWGC/1/3/32
TitleSales: P-Z
DescriptionIncludes correspondence and notes concerning, as well as transcripts of catalogues related to, the sale of property (mostly Wilson paintings) belonging to the following individuals:
-Palmerston (sale in 1891)
-Perkins (sale in 1890)
-Pitcairn (sale in 1809)
-Porter (sales in 1810, 1811 & 1826)
-Powles, (sale in 1876)
-Price (sale in 1895)
-Pringle (sale in 1950)
-Proctor-Beauchamp (sale in 1947)
-Purling (sale in 1801)
-Rankin (sale in 1848)
-Rawlinson (sale in 1940)
-Ridley (sale nd.)
-Roberts (sale in 1908)
-Rogers (sale in 1856)
-Sandby (sale in 1811)
-Singleton (sale in 1812)
-Steers (sale in 1826)
-Sutton Trustees, Benham Park, Newbury (sale in 1951)
-Trimmer (sale in 1860)
-Turner (sale in 1874)
-Vaughan (sale in 1930)
-Wells (sale in 1852)
-West (sale in 1820)
-Westall (sale in 1827)
-Willett (sale in 1813)
-Wordburn (sale in 1821)
-Wright (sale in 1845)
-Young (sale in 1802)
-De Zoete (sale in 1885)
-Zacchary (sale in 1828)
Date[c 1940s-1950s]
Extent1 file
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