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TitleSources: Thomas Hollis' Diary, Memoirs & Letters
DescriptionThomas Hollis (1720-1774) was an English political philosopher and author. In 1748–9 he toured Europe with Thomas Brand (later Brand Hollis) and again during 1750–53, largely on his own, meeting many leading French philosophers and several Italian painters. He was an ardent member of the Society of Arts. His diaries and correspondence (held in a private Collection and Harvard University respectively) were consulted by Constable in the course of his research for the Wilson publication.

-notes made by Constable on entries concerning art and artists in Hollis' diary, 1759-1770, held in a private Collection. Also includes a letter from Caroline Robbins, Bryn Mawr College
-notes from: Blackburne, F (1780) The Memoirs of Thomas Hollis. London: J. Nicholls
-transcript of three letters from Hollis to Edward Holyoake, President of Harvard College, dated 1764, held in Harvard University Archives
-transcript of appendix from: Blackburne, F (1780) The Memoirs of Thomas Hollis. London: J. Nicholls, pp708-709
-copy of: Robbins, C. (1951) Library of Liberty - Assembled for Harvard College by Thomas Hollis of Lincoln's Inn. Harvard Library Bulletin, vol V, (2) Spring 195, pp181-196
-copy of: Robbins, C (1950) The Strenous Whig, Thomas Hollis of Lincoln's Inn. William and Mary Quarterly, July 1950, pp 406-453
-copy of: Sotheby's (1950) Catalogue of Old Master Drawings and Paintings [sale]. London: Sotheby's
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