TitleBristol Old Vic Company (Founded in 1946)
DescriptionRecords and papers of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre and Trust (Founded in 1946).
Related Material1. Archive collections held at University of Bristol Theatre Collection.

ACHS A.C.H. Smith
AN Audrey Noble
AXS Alix Stone Design Collection
BTC70 J. Hutchinson-Scott
DBN Derek Balmer
FAR Farjeon Family Collection
GB Graham Barlow
HH Hugh Hunt
JM John Moody
KB Kathleen Barker
MM Mander & Mitchenson
OV Old Vic, London
RS Richard Southern
RV Robinson Vercoe
RVHF Royal Victoria Hall Foundation
RW Rodney West
SAN Manolo Santos
SB Shirley Brown
TC Theatre Collection general collections. This artificial collection includes lots of additional production, publicity and other administrative records relating to the Theatre Royal and Bristol Old Vic, including eighteenth and nineteenth century playbills, and numerous set and costume designs by John Elvery, Bristol Old Vic's Head of Design during the 1970s and 1980s.
VAL Val Lorraine

2. Collections held at Bristol Archives. See
Ref: TR Records of the Theatre Royal Bristol dated 1729-2003.
Ref: 26404 Papers relating to James Henry Chute and theatres in Bristol and Bath dated 1845-1909.

3. Collections held in other archives and institutions.
British Library: Theatre Archives Project. Includes oral history interviews/transcripts and other information relating to various individuals who have worked in British theatre, including several associated with Bristol Old Vic. These include the actress Robert Aldous, Thelma Barlow, Bernard Hepton John Moffatt, the designer Alexander McPherson, and the writers Peter Nicholls, A.C.H. Smith, and Arnold Wesker. See link
National Archives, Kew. Collections include some records and papers relating to the Arts Council. See link
University of Manchester Special Collections: Hugh Hunt archive.
Victoria and Albert Museum: Theatre and Performance Collection. Includes lots of individual items relating to the Bristol Old Vic theatre including playbills and posters and some artworks by designers who worked at or were otherwise associated with the theatre, i.e. Graham Barlow, Berkley Sutcliffe. See link (can narrow search to 'Theatre and Performance Collection' using search term Bristol Old Vic or associated personal/production names and terms). The V&A Archives also includes significant deposits of archive records of the Arts Council.

4. Secondary reading. Most of the following texts are all available in the library collections at the University of Bristol Theatre Collection. To search the library catalogue please follow link
Kathleen Barker, 'The Theatre Royal Bristol. The first seventy years' (Bristol: Issued by the Bristol Branch of the Historical Association, University of Bristol, 1961).
Kathleen Barker, 'The Theatre Royal Bristol 1766-1966. Two Centuries of Stage History (London: The Society for Theatre Research, 1974).
Kathleen Barker, 'Bristol at Play. Five Centuries of Live Entertainment' Bradford-on-Avon: Moonraker Press, 1976).
Shirley Brown, 'Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. The first 50 years 1946-1996 (Bristol: Bristol Old Vic Theatre School Productions Ltd., 1996).
Shirley Brown, 'The Bristol Theatre Royal: The continuing story 1966-1993' (Unpublished typescript, 1993)
Bryan Little, 'The Theatre Royal; The beginning of a bicentenary' (Reprined from the Bristol and Somerset Society of Architects and Bristol Building & Design Centre Journal, September 1964).
Bryan Little & Peter Moro, 'The Story of the Theatre Royal Bristol' (Bristol: Trustees of the Theatre Royal, 1981)
G. Rennie Powell, 'The Bristol Stage. It's Story' (Bristol: Bristol Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd., 1919).
Audrey Williamson & Charles Landstone, 'The Bristol Old Vic. The first yen years (London: J. Garnet Miller Limited, 1957).
'The Bristol Old Vic Company Theatre Royal Bristol: A record of two seasons' (London: The Saturn Press, 1947).
'Not in the Script. Bristol Old Vic Anecdotes on stage and off' (Bristol: Redcliffe Press Ltd., 1992).
'The story of the Theatre Royal King Street Bristol Opened 1766' (Bristol: The Trustees of the Theatre Royal, 1981).

5. On-line resources:
Digitised content and descriptive captions relating to items from University of Bristol Theatre Collection, Bristol Record Office and Bristol Old Vic's own internal archives can be found on the Heritage pages of the theatre's website. See link
A general overview of Bristol Old Vic's forthcoming heritage programme and on-site and web-based resources can found at

Bristol Old Vic Company (Founded in 1946)

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